Welcome to Destinations! Horizons Unlimited users are true adventurers and know every corner of this World. Now every Horizons Unlimited user can help pass that valuable information between us and make sure that we all know the very best places to visit, how to make sure we are there at just the right time, where to stay and where to get help when things break...

We have created a database where we can all store these Points of Interest, of many different types, and then allow us all to add our own personal experiences of them for all to see. This means that the person who visits after you can learn from the experiences you have had and have just as good a time.

But some areas of the World have lots of things to see! So, we have curated a list of Destinations that group together Points of Interest and allow you to explain the "must see" parts of a Destination, along with the useful information for that area. Destinations will begin appearing on the country maps you can find by browsing through to the countries below.

Explore Andorra

Explore Afghanistan

Explore Anguilla

Explore Albania

Explore Armenia

Explore Angola

Explore Antarctica

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Explore Azerbaijan

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