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Karakoram Son - 400 Days Around The World

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400 Days Around the World

In End of April 2018, I quit my job and start traveling around the world.

So far after 20,000 km and 25 countries (25 August 2018), I have reached Kyrgyzstan and soon will enter China, then to Pakistan and so on.

I have collected many stories and experience along and I would like to share it with others.



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29 Apr 2018


Chapter 0 - Preparation - Karakoram Son - 400 Days Around the World

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Few of you have known my previous post here.

I started traveling on 29 April from Berlin with an intentional detour around mountain ranges in Alps and Dolomites and others than to Balkan and later entered in Turkey then to Georgia. I strongly prefer small and offroad rather than speedways or Motorways. the total count of km sofar 9972 km so far with almost 2-months travel.