Guanajuato, MEX

Beautiful town. Not much into cities but this is real nice. Most of the streets are narrow with lots of small shops and street vendors selling things to eat and drink, my favorite way to eat. Found a few nice Cantina's!
Went to a couple museums, Museo De La Alhondiga and the Museo De La Momias De Guanajuato. The first museum was dedicated to the history of Mexico and the city. Lots of antique artifacts, pottery and pieces of art. A few rooms were filled with photo's of famous people throughout Mexican history. Momias means "mommy's" and the museum had a lot of mummified bodies from this city. In the 1800's there was a cholera outbreak and the dead were buried and naturally mummified. They were dug up some years later because of tax reasons I think. Not sure what the complete story is but it was pretty interesting. I need to learn Spanish.From May 16, 2013
Yes, those are pork rinds!From May 16, 2013From May 16, 2013From May 16, 2013From May 16, 2013From May 16, 2013